André Campra

Daeva Composer of the Lancea et Sanctum


André Campra is a French composer and conductor.

Campra is one of the leading French opera composers in the period after Jean-Baptiste Lully. He has written several tragédies en musique and opéra-ballet that have been extremely well received. He also wrote three books of cantatas, as well as religious music, including a requiem.

He served as maître de musique (music director) at the cathedrals of Arles and Toulouse and then, from 1694, has served in a similar capacity at the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris— a transition that marked his ascension within the ranks of the Lancea et Sanctum to elder. Campra has been a vampire for decades, and his work is as widely respected in those circles as among the mortals. Though he has little apparent interest in politics, this notoriety has lent him some influence at the Paris court.


André Campra

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